“What it is”

November 28, 2017

Men are fragile beings, 
With hard exteriors that crumble when in contact with something real. 
Like truth... like love
The truth is that my love is inadequate,
not enough to build with. 
Just another ball of potential, 
Which is just a ball of nothing imitating reality. 
Could have been's always become should have been's
And it would have been if I realized something. 
That I am just a man, 
A fragile being with dreams of an unreal love.
Beaten by realists and their understanding that there is always someone better, 
A love more adequate than this, 
A man that is better at hiding how fragile he is,
The truth that there are many fish in the sea
And even the greatest catch can get lost in the crowd. 
I gave what I thought were gems, 
Parts of me that will always retain value.
But in reality even gems... are just shiny rocks.