“Learning How To Love”

February 15, 2018

I've spent so much time thinking about love
But no matter how much I know
I feel like I don't know enough.
I know intimate love,
I know innocent love,
I know that " I don't think she's really into this" love
I know harsh love, 
That " I'll try again even though you broke my heart" love
I know grateful love
I know the paradox of having hateful love
I know persistent love, inconsistent love
I know that " I really wish things turned out different" love
I know parental love 
I know that " I hurt you but I never meant to" love
I know destructive love,
That " I care for you but can't trust you" love
I know painful love
I know that " this girl must be an angel" love
I know that " please let me help" love
That loving someone more than they love them self love
I know fake and actual love
I know that taking her weave down in front of you...
That's that natural love.
I know that " you gotta leave this alone" love
That, I love you enough to tell you "you wrong" love
I know that " It was almost love" love
And because of that
It turned into " I'm not giving up on us" love
I've seen "we've been together 20 years plus" love
I don't know it 
But I'm pretty sure it's one of those "this is hard af" love
I know basic love
I know that "this is something sacred" love
I know that " she wants me to be an acquaintance but I want to love her so much I can't take it" love
Its hard to capture love in just a poem alone
I guess I'll never know love,
Until I find a love of my own.