“It’s Over 9000”

February 1, 2018

This one is for the cool kids,
That really do this.
The ones that before Pokemon go,
Where in the cafeteria playing yu gi oh.
This is for the nerds,
That were unimpressed with honor roll
Because they already know,
If you ain't Ned Stark, 
don't talk to me about honor bro.
Let's be honest...
The shows y'all love now,
Were better as manga comics.
This one is for the calculator wizards,
That always kept a strap...
On both sides to hold their pants up in the front and the back.
This is for the ones who were really in the field,
Setting high sores when they were getting kills.
The ones that when you ask "you tryna box?👊🏾"
They show you their Rubics cube skills.
The ones in gym people tried to force to make them play hard,
But little did they know
Trained by Yoda they are.
You ain't forcing nothing,
That's something you got to face 
This for the ones with big hearts,
Because they always had a keyblade.
This is no game,
This is for the ones everyone thought were so strange.
Those that understood that if you ain't know your hogwarts house
You were really the lame.
Straight Muggles...
If you ain't ever have to stay up to catch inuyasha 
Then you don't know struggle.
This is straight facts,
Information everybody should know
And if you said the title in Vegeta's voice...
Then you're cooler than most.