January 18, 2018

Her cinnamon colored eyes,
Give the impression that she is sweet.
So many base their belief 
In the characteristics that they can see.
But the eyes are limited,
To the qualities underneath.
Can they show you her ambitions?
Can they show you her grief?
Can they expose her insecurities?
Do they reveal what she needs?
Then why give what you see so much weight?
When hardly anything heavy 
Can be determined from a face.
Other than beauty,
And truly this is a trait
That is important for some
But really helpful to none.
So for once,
If your compelled to try
To get to know her 
When you see her walk by
Be clever,
Think of something better 
Than just... "You have really nice eyes"
Be sure, to step forth
Express the passion pouring through your pores
And let her know that she is more...
Than how she looks.